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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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catstradamus...large and in your morning juice. ???adlib welcome
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???adlib weather tonight the phoenix police department will hold a public meeting in relation to the serial street shooter case.. it's a deadly crime spree that has lasted for 12's bryan west is live this morning... bryan lca meeting is scheduled here tonight for the public to talk with phoenix police about the case. 12 news has obtained documents connected to two of the murders. voone of the reports details surveillance video police confiscated from several businesses and homes. it also mentions a person seen in one
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police want to identify. the other report detailed the incident around the murder of horacio pena. pena was just getting home pena was just horacio pena. murder of around the murder of horacio pena. pena was just getting home from work when he was shot outside his house. the 31 year old worked as a caregiver for people with disabilities. in one of the reports a witness says he saw a dark colored car with multiple people inside. witnesses at the shooting where pena was killed described a white car. 12 news talked to pena's twin sister who is now working as a caregiver where her brother use to. we will hear from her coming up at 5am. the reward is up to fifty thousand dollars for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the serial shooter. this is an attempt to keep the public on alert. again the meeting is planned here at mountain view precinct at 6pm. located at
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have an apartment fire under 12's jen wahl is live near university and stapley. (krystle live at adot's command center) )centercommand at adot's
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(krystle live at adot's
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let's take a let's take a look now at our hot headlines...this morning. a new push to get people registered to vote for the november election. the "one arizona coalition" kicked off their "viva the vote" campaign yesterday. voters registered across the state. a guilty plea from jon ritzheimer -- the peoria man charged in the oregon standoff. he admitted in court that he conspired to impede federal officers through the use of force - intimidation - and threats. ritzheimer faces more than three years in prison. google is one of several automakers - rolling out self driving vehicles. the company - picked the chandler area as one of 4 testing sites. after finishing a map of the city - google's cars are already out cruising
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ahwatukee. google hasn't announced a day for when their self driving cars will be released to the mass market. tim tebow...and fat cats. welcome to your 5am morning's emma... with the here's emma... juice... here's emma... with the largest feline with the largest feline you are going to see for a long time.... if there is one thing about the internet... it's that cats.. and cat videos rule it. need proof?watch this.... samson the cat... also as in 28 pounds and... he boasts an incredible four feet of length.four feet of length. samson's owner's are constantly sharing his glory... through instagram... find him at catstradamus. plenty of pictures on there showing just how large and in charge he is.despite his gargantuan and impressive weight and length, samson is a perfectly healthy cat.maybe..
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it's been less than a week since tim tebow announced his intentions to play major league baseball. but the former nfl quarterback is already signing baseballs and baseball bats. here's a few pictures that are making their rounds across social media. the reported price bat. tebow, who is preparing to work out in front of all 30 big-league teams later this month, might be a long shot to reach the majors, but he's definitely making the most of the attempt. he's been working out here in the valley at a baseball facility in scottsdale. now time for your juicy question of the morning... recent estimates show that 'this' is show that
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children.and we have proof that this is a bit hit amongst the people here on 12 today give us your answers on the social media platforms. ???adlib ???adlib answers on give us your on 12 todayamongst the this is a for but 'this' is bought for 5- 'this' is show that estimates recent estimates show that 'this' is bought for 5-10% of adults, but 'this' is made for children.and we have proof that this is a bit hit amongst the people here on 12 today give us your answers on the social media platforms. ???adlib kicked out of their own stadium by guns and roses... the cardinals are taking training camp to san diego. we'll catch up with the guys
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minutes... and one major healthcare and one major healthcare provider...dropping out of obamacare.the reason why in 15 minutes.
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####break########break#### a guns and roses concert at the university of phoenix stadium... has forced the cardinals out of the building... but a nice consolation... is practicing in san diego against the chargers.cameron cox is in san diego with the is in san diego with the cardinals and has more. :13 cameron cox:32-37 tony
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???adlib & toss jimmy
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(krystle live at adot's command ) and hillary clinton...taking their battle ground states this morning.with the where they stand right now...stand right latest on morning.campaigns to and hillary at adot's 1:03 - 1:08 :32-37 tony cox :32-37 tony jefferson:41- :47 d.j. 1:03 - 1:08 ???adlib & toss jimmy
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(krystle live at adot's command center)
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donald trump donald trump donald trump and hillary clinton...taking their campaigns to battle ground states this morning.we are live with the latest on where
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the we'll talk about natural beauty secret. ####break#### decision 2016 now -decision 2016 ####break####
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####break#### secret. secret.
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####break#### ####break#### ####break#### ####break####
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decision 2016 now - and both candidates are focusing on battleground states today. tracie potts is live with new numbers on where the race stands. ??? ad lib ???
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runningmate new mexico today,
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it all comes down to electoral votes. how's electoral down to q: in the end it you. now back to washington, i'm tracie democraticexpected to that's today, a state new mexico mike pence is in runningmate trump's runningmate mike pence is in new mexico today, a state that's expected to vote democratic i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. q: in the end it all comes down to electoral votes. how's the map looking?a: tba a: tbalooking?a: tba time for a time for a a: tbalooking?the map looking? a: tba time for a quick health check - how close you live to a grocery store ... could affect your risk of heart disease! researchers scanned the coronary arteries of almost six-thousand adults over a
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without access to healthy food stores ... were more likely to show signs of coronary plaque, which is an early stage of heart disease. and those living within a mile of stores selling fresh foods - had the least amount of plaque buildup. those of us with parents living far into older age ... are likely to have longer and healthier lives ourselves. a british study of nearly 200- thousand people found our chances of survival increase 17-percent for each decade -- past the age least one parent lives. having longer living parents also decreases our risk of developing chronic illness in older age ... like heart disease, stroke, and cancer. swapping swapping out just one sugary drink a day with water ... could significantly improve your health! researchers at virginia tech took a look at how calories from drinks impact weight gain and health. replacing soda or juice with water had a huge impact on people who only drank that
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those who drank more than that-- swapping cut their calorie by 25 percent! those cuts reduced the risk of obesity, type two diabetes and heart disease. a major health insurer is quitting most of the obamacare health exchanges. aetna is losing millions of dollars. the company says its policy holders turned out to be sicker and costlier than expected. it's the first major health insurer to make a decision like this. aetna will still offer iua a new study suggests americans are learning the importance in planning for retirement. it found 21 percent of working americans say they're saving more for retirement this year than they were last year. that's the highest level reported in the past five years. and fewer people are opting out of saving for retirement altogether... with only five percent saying they did not contribute to retirement savings this year or last. a patent recently granted to apple hints at the tech
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gadgets. the patent highlights technology to edit photos taken underwater. in the patent, apple envisions the technology being used in its iphones and ipads. apple has been behind the trend of water-proof gadgets... while samsung has offered water-resistant products for years. remember kim kardashian's ex-husband?he was a better swimmer than michael phelps. that unbelievable story in 10 minutes. plus... we will talk be beautiful, healthy skin.what drink can help give you soft & tender hands?
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the serial shooter...still out there.and police are desperate what's happening today in the case... a traffic stop here in arizona...gone viral for all the wrong reasons.we've got the latest on this one... kris humphries.kris humphries. very average nba player. ex-husband of kim kardashian.
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believe it!how kris beat michael phelps. in your morning juice... ???adlib welcome ???adlib weather


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